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Ebola Patient Love Field Plane Transfer Dallas Maryland Nina Pham
Obama Dallas Ebola CDC Congress Website
Governor Rick Perry Ebola Virus Dallas
Obama Salute With Coffee Cup
Roger Goodell NFL Commissioner Domestic Violence and Congress
Oscar Pistorius Guilty Culpable Homicide
Michael Brown, Ferguson Store Robbery Video Before Shooting
Big Bang Theory actors Parson, Galecki, and Cuoco paid $1 million per episode
Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, and Kaley Cuoco each paid over $70 million for the next 72 episodes of The Big Bang Theory.  Full story
Al-Qaeda Sends Ebola to US

Al-Qaeda Sends Ebola to US Atlanta, Georgia – Top members of Al-Qaeda embedded in the US State Department, CDC, and National Institute of Health have delivered the World’s deadliest virus into the heart of the United States with little or no fanfare.  Reading on the Al-Qaeda website, Ayman al-Zawahiri stated, "We’d like to thank all the US government officials and Press for completely ignoring the danger, and allowing us the opportunity of unleashing an uncontrollable virus which will bring death to many American pig dog infidels.  Praise Allah for all their ignorance."  Full story

Players Sue National Sumo League

Players Sue National Sumo League NSL over Fat Belly Syndrome FBS Kyoto, Japan – More than three dozen retired sumo wrestlers have sued the NSL after being diagnosed with Fat Belly Syndrome, a sometimes fatal condition that can lead to headaches, aging, joint pain, and extremely thin girlfriends.   "Players are getting hurt, it’s time to speak out about FBS," said one grand champion.   The NSL quickly responded to the law suits by paying the players millions, donating money to FBS awareness organizations, and raising the price of tickets to compensate.   "It’s really no skin off our nuts," said one NSL official.

Detroit Water Shut Off Protest
Detroit, Michigan  Always fun to see a group of overfed poor people, covered in jewelry, get out of their SUVs and walk through a bankrupted city bitching about their water bill.   Makes you proud to be an American!
Vladimir Putin, Malaysia Flight MH17 shot down with Russian missile
Hillary Clinton Jon Steware Daily Show
US Government is paying $1000 per day for illegal alien children
US is paying up to $1000 per day for each illegal alien child. Full story
Tracy Morgan Sues Walmart
George H. W. Bush Pretending to Skydive as Excess Luggage
Steve Coburn turns sore loser after California Chrome does not win Triple Crown at Bellmont
Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk Obama Nuclear Weapons